IDS 4425


That’s it! (Twenty drafts later.)

Welcome Writers, Scholars, Idea Catchers!

A student writer once told me, “The hardest part is getting started.” (Wink, nudge…where had I heard that one before?) 😉

As a writer and gatherer of data you will take some of the pressure off if you keep this bit of writerly advice always folded in your back pocket. Here goes. Always remember, your first steps are not meant to be perfect, and when you embrace this notion then you can get more quickly into motion, bust writer’s block and joyously toddle into the process until you’re up and running with an idea. One simple idea can provide much to ponder. A thread hanging from a backpack, for instance. How many questions can you come up with having to do with that one silly thread? More than you think. Try it! Now, let’s ponder. Look at it closely, notice the first thing that catches your eye. List it. Notice five more particulars connected to it. You are writing! Now, pause a moment to read the words which have found their way to your list. Pick one item that is speaking to you. Hear it? Good. Now begin writing about it. Follow the idea. You will write trying to catch up with the idea as one word leads to the next, let it be wobbly, and allow what will probably come as a stream-like list of thoughts, to flow. You might even write a line or two. Trust your gut, have fun. You can go back and pour over your idea in a little while. Watch your idea begin to develop. Write.


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