An old blind wi…

“..She’s only filled with

an old blind wish…”

This is my favorite line about motherhood in Mary Oliver’s poem, The Turtle.  A friend shared this with me today and I am so happy to share it with you.



I’d rather…

I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing than to teach ten thousand stars how not to dance.


A Room of Your Own…

In order to be able to write in the first place, you need “a room of your own”  – a place where you can gather and write down your thoughts away from distractions.  And you want to feel good in that room. As Virginia Woolf believed, a writer needs a sanctified space in order to even begin the craft of writing. So, set up a place, preferably not in your bedroom, where you can sit comfortably, feel safe,  and write. I have tried writing in different spots in my house and I’ve found what works best for me is a sunny room off of the living room which we call the sun porch. I am an outdoors girl so feeling like I am sitting right in the woods helps me to relax. In this room I have placed a couple chairs, for the occasional visitor, a simple barn board desk and an office chair. The room also has a door if I need total quiet.  You’ll also need a small bookcase or a closet with shelves, for your favorite books, supplies, and any folders where you’ll want to store active files for current projects required for writing or poetry groups you may belong to, which by the way,  I encourage you to join. Doing so will help you to learn how to critique and how to accept constructive criticism which is an important part of the process of writing. On my desk there is a lap top – always back up your files, just in case. On a smaller table there is a printer, which you will need if you belong to writer’s groups or if you plan on submitting work to traditional publishers. I am old-fashioned, so I really like having a cup of pens and pencils, some notebooks, sticky pads, and my journal close by along with a stapler, paper clips, Kleenex, a picture of my family and a coaster for my coffee cup.  So drink up and get writing! You can do it. Anyone can be a writer, there is so much to write about, all it takes is passion and discipline. Write on!


Science is poetry



“The simple act…

“The simple act of looking, transformed into a daily ritual, assures that we are seen by the other, at the beginning of the day, before separation into the flow of life. It is a mental photograph we carry through the day; a reminder of the importance of seeing and being seen, considering and being considered, caring and being cared for, by others close to us. As a friend of mine always said, “Little things are big things.” Small gestures have a deep current. Each moment adds to the flow. If there is variety in the familiar, it is always new.” – Franz Nicolay

Love this so much I wanted to share it here.